Climate Action Ride


By Alexia Springer

This Fall, September 6-9, my colleague and I will participate in the Climate Ride Midwest. We’ll ride our bikes over 300 miles from Grand Rapids to Chicago with other like-minded individuals in support of sustainability and active transportation.

The Climate Ride events help support beneficiary organizations that raise awareness about the possibilities of a green economy, educate about the interconnectedness of environmental issues related to climate change, organize and help pass sound energy policies that promote renewables, and organizations that raise awareness of green transportation.

Not only does the Climate Ride support great organizations striving for sustainability, but it will also help support and strengthen the Bike Indiana May Term proposed for 2015. This will be the first biking May Term  led by the Earlham Outdoor Education Office. While both of us are active athletes and experienced outdoorswomen, neither of us have had experience with the multiple day, high – mileage rides which we will encounter next May.

Aside from the technical benefits of experiencing this ride, there are also curricular benefits. The subject matter which will be covered greatly compliments our course plan. It will give both of us the opportunity to plan ahead regarding what and how we would like to teach. We will be able to decide which experiences will best benefit our students. Additionally, this ride covers several of the destinations which we have planned for our own route, such as the Indiana Dunes. This gives us intimate knowledge of the biking routes and the venues.

Stay tuned for more information about Beneficiaries!


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