Climate Ride Midwest Report

Alexia Springer –

Danielle Steele –

Climate Ride SEED Grant

Participating in Climate Ride Midwest is by far one of the best experiences professionally and personally one interested in cycling or sustainability can do. Going into the ride, we both knew that we were supporting amazing green organizations doing amazing work. What we didn’t know is that many of the beneficiaries CEO’s, employees, volunteers, and supporters were going to be riding on their bikes next to us. We became quick friends with people from Citizens Climate Lobby, Sycamore Land Trust, Mightybytes, Greater Grand Rapids Bicycle Coalition, Spoke Folks, Alliance for the Great Lakes, Miles of Trees, B Corps, Well House, Climate Cycle and so many more.

Organizations that had representatives on the ride got a chance to tell the group in 3 minutes what their organization was, the mission, and what money raised from the ride was being spent on. Our group of just over 100 people raised $400,000 for Climate Ride! Guest speakers were featured each night educating us on climate change statistics under the scope of animal agriculture, food, water, the internet, and the next generation. On top of all this, we learned a significant amount about bicycle tripping for future courses.

The funds that were raised by Team Sycamore and us are being used to secure a 37-acre nature preserve in Indiana! We received 61 total donations to reach our fundraising total of $5,645.03. The amazing thing is that 38 of those donors are students, faculty, and staff at Earlham College totaling $5,339.03. Sycamore Land Trust was able to turn every $1 donated into $10 worth of land from Climate Ride. The nature preserve highlights the positive impact of collaboration. Without the Earlham community, we would not have reached our goal and none of the things we learned or outcomes the funds had would have happened. We are undoubtedly thankful and feel that this is something Earlham should celebrate!


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