Days of Preparation

By Taylor Boucher

Yesterday was our first official day of Bike Indiana May Term 2k15!!! We went for a short ride to Cope Environmental center and learned about their mission and history AND THEN they let us help in the garden! We saw where they make diesel fuel for all of their cars from recycled vegetable oil, and got to play with a snake named Snow White. We biked back the long way and practiced shifting gears up hill and then called it a day! Some of us camped out, others spent their last night at home.

Today our small group of ten embarked on what is considered an “almost real ride” of about 20 miles through Richmond. We met early in the morning to make sure we all had the right gear, and then suited up for exploring the only few hills known to this town we once thought was flat. Only a few nuts and bolts were lost along the way, but thanks to the bike lesson from Jason yesterday we knew how to fix what needed fixing!

After our first almost real bike ride, we packed food and gear for our trip and Lucas learned how to drive the van with a trailer on back. Today was a day for preparation! We had a few hours to ourselves to get last minute supplies, eat lunch with friends and say goodbye to Richmond for the next three weeks. After gathering back, we took a group trip to Kroger with the intention of deciding on a “consensus dinner”. The group of students was given $30 to come up with a dinner plan, which we decided to make a potato salad,  cabbage casserole and baked pears for desert! We also got some chips, salsa and guacamole to munch on (which is happening right now) while dinner is acookin’! It’s been a long day and we’re all excited to eat this beautiful creation in the making!

Tonight we camp and tomorrow we leave Richmond at 10AM and bike 39 miles to our next destination. We are all very excited but nervous the same. Keep reading and follow our adventures throughout the next few weeks!

-The Earlham Biking Crew teachingbikes garden holdingbikes olgabike


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