Prairie Creek Reservoir

By Mandisa Marks      Relaxing in a hammock after today’s momentous first day, I reflect on the ride with a belly full of tonight’s curry dinner. Today marks the first day “on the road”, since we will not return the Earlham’s campus until early June. We left mid morning to spend most of the ride traveling the Cardinal Greenway. The path gave us an introductory view of small Indiana farms and rural housing of all types. As well as the scenic value of this path, Cardinal Greenway taught us a small bit about the history of sustainability projects in Indiana. This of course being the rails to trails movement that has converted many of the unused railways from indiana’s past into public traveling routes for bikes and pedestrians. Additionally Cardinal Greenway offered us a more mild day without the stress of motor vehicles on the path.

Along the way we stopped for a light meal and started to discuss why we were biking. While continuing to contemplate our personal journeys that brought us together for this May Term, we got back on the bikes to complete an estimated 40 miles. Although we ran into a small issue with road names, we made it to camp!

Overall our group seems to find each other on a common ground about many aspects of the trip. Our reasons for biking mirror this fortunate quality. These reasons range from sustainable travel, mobile freedom from a young age, and the powerful feeling involved in self propelled motion.

I am personally excited to see how we all develop mentally and physically while processing this journey in a very intentional manner.



One thought on “Prairie Creek Reservoir

  1. I just saw the Facebook article about the Bike Indiana May Term. It mentioned that students will be biking through Syracuse Indiana. I am the Executive Director for trails in Syracuse and … I graduated from Earlham in 2002 with a Bachelor’s in Biology. I really want to meet up with your group. When will you be coming through Syracuse and Goshen (I live in Goshen)?
    I hope that we can connect. Please call my cell phone (513)835-5631, or e-mail
    Megan McClellan (nee Jenness)

    P.S. Since graduating I worked at the Cincinnati zoo, was an Agriculture volunteer for the Peace Corps in Niger, West Africa, and got my Master’s in Environmental Policy.


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