Sun and soy beans

Day 5 – from Fremont, OH

This morning I’m spoiled with wifi and coffee in the town of Fremont. I was going to head to Cedar Point today and ride the rollarcoasters but there is too much of a chance for thunderstorms, so my inner twelve year old will have to be satisfied with the thrill of biking on in showers. I hope to make it to Huron or farther today.

The first two days of my ride took me through the middle of actual nowhere. I saw ONE business, a mini-mart haven where I enjoyed yoo-hoo and a cool place out of the sun for lunch.    It’s hot out! And my body isn’t acclimated to the heat yet.

  Large shady trees are few and far between, but I stop and enjoy a rest in the shade every time!

   It is torture biking next to the Maumee River all day in the heat and getting to camp only to be told, “I would NOT get in that water if I were you!” The river is filled with pollution from farm animals and runoff chemicals from the crops. I believe it, biking through farmland USA where all you see is monoculture crops over and over. Talk about depressing. I biked near a tributary on a bike path for a few miles and it was completely coated in a thick green layer of slime.
Stopped at a jazz festival for a beer in Grand Rapids, Ohio. Did I mention I chopped my hair off and donated it to Pantene Beautiful Lengths?

  After a few days of biking in the scorching sun, I relaxed in my hammock in camp before the storms rolled in. Stay tuned to my Chaco tan line, I can only imagine what it will look like a month from now!

I’ve met one other tourer so far, 67 year old Flourez from the Netherlands biking to New York. It will fun to stay in touch along our ride since we will take the same path to Buffalo, NY.



2 thoughts on “Sun and soy beans

    1. Thank you!!! Glad you enjoy it 🙂 let me know if you have any special requests you are interested in hearing about! Hope you are well 💛


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