Halfmoon Haven

I feel an undeniable sense of peace at Halfmoon Haven. The energy is accepting and nurturing. It is beautiful and quiet. Even the dogs seem more calm. After all of the stress and uncertainty of the journey, Halfmoon Haven has been the sanctuary we have needed.

Chris and Jenn are healers and beautiful people. They own a holistic retreat center and spa that also offers vacation rentals to families during the summer and spa and chef services all year long. During the rainy season they host various groups, sacred retreats, intentional gatherings, and some of the most leading edge events for people on the path of healing and personal growth. While we were there they hosted a First Nations Elder and documentary team, a weekend family rental, and a week long breath conference. It’s hard to keep up with everything life throws. Halfmoon Haven just reopened after a fire that destroyed over half of the main house last year. Even with help of friends and family there is still an overwhelming amount of projects to do on top of their regular work. They are over budget from all of the damage. Brainstorming ways to continue healing and rebuild, they decided to start a massive fundraising movement (TBA). They also realized hosting WWOOFers could be a great way to exchange additional services. Jenn is a holistic nutritionist and cooks us fantastic healthful meals, everyone wins!

We arrived just before a set of storms so didn’t see much of the sun on the Sunshine Coast. There were breaks in the rain and we brought rain gear. The backcountry has taught me to be much less afraid of getting wet in the front country, where you can change out of wet clothes easily. The stormy weather made for beautiful hikes. Colors of greens and browns are more prominent and the rocks light up exposing patterns and hidden colors invisible when they are dry.

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I feel so thankful that our first WWOOF experience was here, which is not a traditional farm in any way. Chris and Jenn gave us the freedom to work on what we felt inspired by, at our pace. They strongly encouraged self care and we took many long walks on the beach, got a 2-hour lomi lomi massage from Jenn, soaked in the hot tub on several occasions, and explored the coast activities. Our first day working was very rainy so Alvin and I worked on the third story putting up a vapor barrier layer in preparation for drywall. It’s the last room that needs to be completed after the fire and they want to finish it by December. The following week I worked on yard work and Alvin helped finish the bathhouse. There was a seemingly endless pile of mulch (luckily with an incredible view), fall pruning, a huge burn pile, and rainy season garden preparation. It doesn’t sound like much, but after 10-days of hard work, we weren’t able to complete everything. It was hard physical labor, but the rewards were worth it. My favorite job was collecting seaweed from the beach to cover the garden, hearing the sounds of the waves and call of the loons. I became thankful for the work, thankful to be outside part of the environment.


Unfortunately, our time is limited. We’re over three weeks behind schedule and as lovely as BC is, we have other commitments to honor and van issues to figure out. We’ll be back. We leave feeling pretty good about the things we did. We went on hikes with the dogs and went to the Halfmoon Bay Apple Festival. We visited one extremely talented artist, Hiroshi Shimazaki, during the Sunshine Coast Art Crawl. We got to know Chris and Jenn and a few members of their circle, including sweet Uncle Jack. We worked hard and nourished our bodies. Sure we could have done more, and we will the next time we come back. We said our goodbyes and gave each other some final parting gifts. Chris gifted us a 90-minute session at the Float House in Vancouver. Neither of us had experienced a float session before and he thought it would be a great way to get in some final relaxation and rejuvenation before we’re back to the stresses of life on the road. I am so thankful for the people we met in British Columbia. I am thankful for new friendships and new understandings. Thankful to be in this body, experiencing this world, here and now.



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