How has WWOOF impacted my life?

Eight months ago, we set out on an adventure in “Valhalla Falcon” to follow our dreams and live a life of purpose. My expectations were no match for the realities of life on the road. Expensive and time consuming vehicle repairs, border crossings, rainy weather conditions leading to mold growth, poor communication, and disorganization continue to test our ability to see light and positivity in all situations. I continue to search for balance and knowledge within the world, without expectations of what is to come. Thankful for the here and now. Thankful for the opportunities around.



5 thoughts on “How has WWOOF impacted my life?

  1. Sounds fun. I bought 5 acres in the mountains and am learning all the native plants and their edible and medicinal uses. I am from the PNW and still think it is heaven on earth. Have the most adventures!

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  2. Sounds great. I’m currently finishing an apprenticeship with a farm in Kearney, MO. I’ve found that in working, staying in the present is essential to both quality of work and enjoyment of it. Have you done an apprenticeship before? If so, did you feel you learned more by staying in one place or by touring the country?


    1. Thanks Brendan! I haven’t done a farm apprenticeship but I think one would probably learn more about farming going that route. I’ve learned so much more about life, communication, and expectation while traveling around to different places than I have farming. I’ve enjoyed exploring different farming practices and learning about different areas of the country. For my lifestyle, with a dog and little money, WWOOFing has been a great way to learn on my own terms!


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