Redefining Failure

It has been quite some time since my last post (besides the videos) and it feels a little weird to be back in this space after so long. Where do I begin?

Literally a stones throw from the Mexican border we found out that our beloved travel companion, Fitzroy, had the beginning stages of heart worm disease. The initial feelings of disbelief quickly turned to the realization that our bicycling journey to the tip of South America was coming to a swift halt. Having already lost one dog to a mysterious illness in Alaska, we couldn’t bare the thought of losing another. It might sound silly for those out there that don’t have pets, but our loving four legged “friend” is more than just a friend, he’s family! After a few hard days of contemplation and sadness, we decided to pack up our things and head North to pick up our vanagon, Valhalla Falcon, that had been patiently waiting for us in British Colombia.

Such a strange feeling to drive so quickly up the Pacific Coast that took us months to pedal down. The slow travel of a bicycle allowed us to see so many things you just zoom by in a car. On our bicycles, we met hundreds of people that were interested in sharing space and swapping stories. Driving, we were just like everyone else, too busy to stop and see the sights let alone share conversation with strangers at a gas station or rest stop. After picking up Valhalla, we decided to rest for a month with our friends on the Doss.Farm to try and let Fitzroy heal. We were told that there was a possibility he could heal in a month with a heart worm pill and adequate rest. But, there was also a possibility too much activity would aggravate the healing process and a much more lengthy and expensive treatment would be needed. One thing for certain, this year has been the year of letting go. Letting go of plans and expectations while embracing the possibility in the unknown. As much as we felt like failures for stopping the ride, with time we’ve realized that this is just another step in the grand EarthLifeJourney. Bicycling to Argentina is still high on our dream list, it can still happen. Just because we didn’t make it there this time, doesn’t mean that we can’t continue from where we left off in the future. Our lives are unconventional and this adventure is no different, we need to have faith in the Universe, that this is the right path for us. We have seen, experienced, and learned so much along the way. I am truly thankful and have 0 regrets.

“We learn wisdom from failure much more than from success. We often discover what will do, by finding out what will not do; and probably he who never made a mistake never made a discovery.” – Samuel Smiles

So, what have we been up to? Rest, reflection, solitude, work, dream scheming, connecting. Repeat. In short, we’ve been on top of the mountain on the Doss.Farm sharing space, farm chores, and dreams. We’ve deepened a friendship and made new plans (with the allowance of universal energy). Below is a brief film I’ve put together from our time on the farm. What was originally going to be a one-month rest, turned into a four-month adventure. We’ve since left the farm, but don’t you worry, we’ll be back with those little piggies soon enough! Oh yeah, and Fitzroy? As healthy and happy as a clam at high tide! Enjoy, and thanks again for following. =) ❤


One thought on “Redefining Failure

  1. Dear Ali,
    Hopefully, you’re still somewhere on the West Coast so that my “Happy Birthday” isn’t a day late. I wondered if your journey had taken an unexpected turn, but living on a farm should hardly be considered a failure, especially with your focus on the environment. There’s no reason why your blogs couldn’t continue wherever you are.
    Your cousin Dan in still in Melbourne, and he and his wife Olivia just welcomed their second son into the world on the 28th, so now we’ll have two birthdays to celebrate on that date. Wherever you are, you should still make sure to vote in November, by absentee or whatever.
    Uncle Steve


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