California Magic

For the last month Alvin and I have been talking with other touring cyclists, travelers, locals, and each other about Big Sur. If you haven’t kept up with California weather news, earlier this year massive landslides took out a bridge and various stretches of road. One, that some people are calling the mother of all … More California Magic

California Love

After taking a day to clean up and rest in Fort Bragg we set off in the fog. The air was heavy and slightly misting. Our first encounter with subpar weather, I guess I can’t really complain. The weather continued to deteriorate and poured rain that night. To top it off a raccoon opened the … More California Love

The Lost Coast

Riding through the Redwoods was spectacular. We pedaled through massive trees in old growth forests and saw many animals, including this impressive buck. It was extremely windy leaving Arcata, pushing us 35 miles to Ferndale. The tiny historic town is the perfect entry into the lost coast. Fitzroy had an ear infection so we stayed another … More The Lost Coast

Oregon Coastline 

After two weeks on the Doss Farm, Alvin and I were feeling ready to hit the road and continue our long journey. Christie and Josh were nice enough to drive us to the coast. After a late lunch and a beer in Pacific City, they dropped us off at a county park campground full of … More Oregon Coastline 

The end of the tour.

After descending down the mountains, the foothills of Maine provided us with plenty of rolling hills. It was beginning to sink in that we might not be able to participate in organized ride from Bar Harbor to Boston. I truly believe that my beneficiaries do incredible work to help keep our world healthy and sustainable. I am … More The end of the tour.

The White Mountains

Our layover day in Royalton was filled with good food and relaxation. In the morning I made fried bananas as an appetizer followed by eggs with garlic, onions, carrots, and kale. Delicious! Later I made granola bites from the Bike Camp Cook book I brought along. After walking around town and chatting with the bike … More The White Mountains


It has been over a week since I’ve blogged (few Wi-Fi options) and I’ve got a lot to catch up on! From Lake Erie State Park I traveled another short 30ish mile day to Evangola State Park. The beach is the most beautiful of all the beaches in New York along Lake Erie I’ve seen … More Serendipity