Letting Loose 

by A.J. Tiedeman Play time, crazy time, and chill time are essential to life, and especially to a physically and mentally intensive course like this May Term. That’s why we have layover days and make time during the evening to let loose a little. On our layover day we got to rest and wander wherever … More Letting Loose 

Just Keep Pedaling

by: Leila Jacobson Yesterday, we awoke to a brilliant breakfast prepared by Veronica’s family. I have never had such delicious eggs in my life! We wanted to leave promptly due to the looming thunderstorm forecast for that day, so we said our good byes to the Bradley family and thanked them so much for the … More Just Keep Pedaling

The Rest Day

We stayed the night at the Merry Lea Environmental Center, a Goshen College owned center for undergraduates and graduate students to learn experimentally on the land.  Covering over 1000 acres of land, the center is a site for sustainable living and sanctuary for the plants and animals who have made it their home.  In addition … More The Rest Day

Prairie Creek Reservoir

By Mandisa Marks      Relaxing in a hammock after today’s momentous first day, I reflect on the ride with a belly full of tonight’s curry dinner. Today marks the first day “on the road”, since we will not return the Earlham’s campus until early June. We left mid morning to spend most of the ride traveling the … More Prairie Creek Reservoir

Days of Preparation

By Taylor Boucher Yesterday was our first official day of Bike Indiana May Term 2k15!!! We went for a short ride to Cope Environmental center and learned about their mission and history AND THEN they let us help in the garden! We saw where they make diesel fuel for all of their cars from recycled … More Days of Preparation

Climate Ride Midwest Report

Alexia Springer – sprinal@earlham.edu Danielle Steele – steelda@earlham.edu Climate Ride SEED Grant Participating in Climate Ride Midwest is by far one of the best experiences professionally and personally one interested in cycling or sustainability can do. Going into the ride, we both knew that we were supporting amazing green organizations doing amazing work. What we … More Climate Ride Midwest Report