The end of the tour.

After descending down the mountains, the foothills of Maine provided us with plenty of rolling hills. It was beginning to sink in that we might not be able to participate in organized ride from Bar Harbor to Boston. I truly believe that my beneficiaries do incredible work to help keep our world healthy and sustainable. I am … More The end of the tour.

Sun and soy beans

Day 5 – from Fremont, OH This morning I’m spoiled with wifi and coffee in the town of Fremont. I was going to head to Cedar Point today and ride the rollarcoasters but there is too much of a chance for thunderstorms, so my inner twelve year old will have to be satisfied with the … More Sun and soy beans

Climate Ride Midwest Report

Alexia Springer – Danielle Steele – Climate Ride SEED Grant Participating in Climate Ride Midwest is by far one of the best experiences professionally and personally one interested in cycling or sustainability can do. Going into the ride, we both knew that we were supporting amazing green organizations doing amazing work. What we … More Climate Ride Midwest Report

By Alexia Springer Oil and Honey by Bill McKibben has taught me many things and sparked my interest in many more. His detailed descriptions of apiaries and interesting facts about honey bees cause dreams of having honey bees in my own yard. Along with honey he talks about climate, the fossil fuel industry and the … More

Climate Action Ride

By Alexia Springer This Fall, September 6-9, my colleague and I will participate in the Climate Ride Midwest. We’ll ride our bikes over 300 miles from Grand Rapids to Chicago with other like-minded individuals in support of sustainability and active transportation. The Climate Ride events help support beneficiary organizations that raise awareness about the possibilities … More Climate Action Ride