Sunny Spruce Farm

Despite being extremely happy and thankful to have made the beautiful 2,000+ mile journey up to Alaska, the first few days on Sunny Spruce Farm weren’t so sunny for me… feeling sad to see Alvin go, especially without cell reception to communicate.. and tremendous sadness about Shelton’s deteriorating condition. It was hard to see him … More Sunny Spruce Farm

My Sweet Shelton

On a Wednesday morning about eight years ago, before going to work at Morgan’s Canoe & Outdoor Adventures in Indiana, I went to White’s Sale Barn. There I saw two little farm girls with half a dozen of the cutest free puppies. I took one of the precious hounds into my arms and rubbed my … More My Sweet Shelton

The Save Movement

This weekend, my eyes were opened a little bit wider. Yesterday, I joined the Save Movement and stood outside a slaughterhouse for the first time to bear witness, for a few hours, and see with my own eyes cows coming into the facility. JBS yearly kills over 2 million cows. That may sound astonishing but … More The Save Movement


It has been over a week since I’ve blogged (few Wi-Fi options) and I’ve got a lot to catch up on! From Lake Erie State Park I traveled another short 30ish mile day to Evangola State Park. The beach is the most beautiful of all the beaches in New York along Lake Erie I’ve seen … More Serendipity

Lake Erie

From Fremont, I pedalled to Huron and took advantage of Warm Showers and stayed with my first host! They weren’t home but were kind enough to let me stay anyway! They became familiar with “Trail Angels” on the Appalachian Trail when their son through-hiked it and had numerous encounters with these life savers. They decided … More Lake Erie

Sun and soy beans

Day 5 – from Fremont, OH This morning I’m spoiled with wifi and coffee in the town of Fremont. I was going to head to Cedar Point today and ride the rollarcoasters but there is too much of a chance for thunderstorms, so my inner twelve year old will have to be satisfied with the … More Sun and soy beans